Selecting Immediate Solutions For Bacterial Vaginosis treatment

Helping You Prevent A Yeast Infection

All that one needs to do is to ask any woman for one to find out just how joyful an episode being pregnant is in a woman?s life. Nonetheless, masked beneath the surface of joy, there are many risks that can happen during pregnancy and some of these concerns has to do with the health of the woman. One of the risks that can happen to a woman during pregnancy is a condition known as bacterial vaginosis.

While some of these BV remedies will last long term as cures, bacterial vaginosis can reoccur in some women. Here is a list of three cures and remedies for bacterial vaginosis you can use to treat BV. It is recommended that you speak with your health care provider first, especially if you are pregnant and have bacterial vaginosis.

Women who douche are more likely to get infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD), such as gonorrhea or HIV, if they are exposed. They are at higher risk for infertility, because STDs can scar the fallopian tubes even when there are no symptoms. Douching also increases the risk of cervical cancer, because a healthy vaginal ecosystem is more likely to clear the human papilloma virus (which is the cause of cervical cancer). Ironically, women who douche are more likely to have problems with vaginal odors, because lactobacilli prevent the over growth of odor forming bacteria.

But then I started to feel this pulsating pain down there and I had absolutely no idea where it came from so I kept using the body wash day after day. The pain got worse until it became much more than an irritatition, but a burning, sometimes a throbbing. This went on for a few months as I did vinegar rinses, ate yogurt and attempted other home remedies. When I finally went to the doctor I was prescribed metronidazol a medicine that kills the bacteria inside, but it can't distinguish between the bad bacteria and the good bacteria so you may deal with nasty side effects like nasuea, and other less pretty stomach effects. Then, your pharmacist may tell you to take some yogurt so the good bacteria can be replaced back in your stomach, but this may only help the problem a little.

Homeopathic bacterial vaginosis treatment basically involves in your daily routines, more healthy food, less sexual activities. You will have to follow a healthy diet plan, say no to fried, oily food, in fact consume more vegetables. Vitamin supplements are optional but make sure you sonsult your doctor first before you take them. Another thing is to exercise more, it will increase your metabolism and in a way also help you overcome the sexual desires.

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