Core Factors For Risk of getting bacterial vaginosis

Permanently Beat Bacterial Vaginosis

Your chance of developing it is greatly increased if you have multiple sex partners. Also, smoking can increase your risk of developing it. Some hygiene products such as douches have been linked to an increased risk of bacterial vaginosis.

With that being said, there is a good chance that you could develop bacterial vaginosis at some point in your life. In fact, the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) estimates that roughly 16% of American women suffer from bacterial vaginosis. While that percentage may not seem that high, realize that this statistic translates to roughly 25 million women,in the US alone. Reference:WomensRepublic

While virtually any woman can get bacterial vaginosis, there are certain things that increase your chances:

Using douches

Douches were once acceptable methods of cleaning your vagina but over the years they have become almost taboo. Vaginal tissue is very sensitive; any forced water or solution can cause an infection.

Bathing with scented, perfumed or antiseptic liquids, bubble baths or soaps.

If you have ever put regular soap near your vaginal opening before, you probably noticed the burning sensation it caused. Again, vaginal tissue is sensitive. Using anything that is scented or has some sort of chemical (even if the label says it is for sensitive areas) can cause infection. Stick to non-scented soaps and skip soaking in anything other than pure water.

Having a new sex partner

Having sex with someone new can leave you with an infection because any infection that they may have will be passed to you. This is why it is especially important to pay attention to any symptoms that may arise shortly after you begin a new sexual relationship.

Having multiple sex partners

Having sex with multiple people increases your chances of catching many infections and diseases, including bacterial vaginosis. You are introducing your body, particularly your vagina, to many different varieties of bacteria. It is easy for your natural bacteria to be overcome by all these new bacteria.


Smoking increases your risks of developing many diseases and infections and bacterial vaginosis is no different. When you smoke a cigarette, you are inhaling all manner of carcinogens and other unhealthy chemicals. These cannot only lower your overall immunity but can also kill healthy bacteria that fight the bad bacteria.

Using an IUD

It's only common sense that having a foreign object in your body can cause some internal problems. One of these problems is infection. If you recently had an IUD inserted and you are suddenly having fishy discharge or itching, you may be better off having it removed; instead of dealing with bacterial vaginosis over and over again.

Using Vaginal Cleaners

Similar to the above points about scented soaps, when you use anything other than plain water to clean or deodorize your vagina, you are leaving yourself open to infection.

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